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For twenty-nine years Ernie Olson managed Barrett Transport's printing shop. When Barrett sold out, Ernie and LeeRoy Brown, his co-worker of ten years decided it was time to go out on their own, They bought the equipment they started out with from Barrett, found a building "not too big and not too small" and their adventure into the world of small business ownership began.

Since 1999, Ernie and LeeRoy have watched as their business has grown to match the needs of their growing customer base. 

Ernie Olson, a native of the Fargo/Moorhead area grew up in Fargo and went to Fargo High. Not to be mistaken with Fargo "south or "north', Fargo High was originally located across from the Cass County Court House. 

As a young man he worked with his Grandfather in construction for a while, then after graduating from high school, Ernie enrolled in a post high school vocational school called "Interstate Duplicating Service". The world of print has certainly changed and come a long way since those days and Ernie and LeeRoy have been a part of it every step of the way.


LeeRoy Brown, co-owner of CopyKat Printing is a native Minnesotan. Graduating from Hendrum High School, LeeRoy took his time deciding what he eventually wanted to devote the majority of his life to. After working with Ernie at Barrett's Transport for ten years, the duo master printers knew they were a team, so together they forged ahead to become a mainstay in the Moorhead business community.

LeeRoy Brown is the father to one daughter and one son. Ernie Olson is 'forever" married to wife Gloria. together they have three sons and three grand--children.

Whatever your printing needs might be, COPYKAT PRINTING can fill the bill. They offer all areas of printing for business cards, forms, custom printed envelopes, wedding invitations, announcements, as well as binding of books, complete with  perforating and numbering. 

CopyKat's pricing  is very competitive and their motto is 'no job too small or too big.' CopyKat will deliver your finished product to your door as well. 

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