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Business Cards

Often, your business card is the first impression you leave with a customer. You always want to leave a professional and powerful impression with every business associate you meet. A proper business card printing job can do just that. Hand your printed business cards to every possible customer you meet. Give them to other business people in your area. Use them as your own personal calling cards, and bring new customers into your store. 

What Business Card Printing with CopyKat Can Do

At CopyKat Printing we bring your business card printing projects to life. We provide quality business card printing services for you with remarkable turnaround time. Order now and experience the CopyKat difference!


Rates & Preparing Your Files

Tips for Designing

Same Day Business Cards

250 1-Sided-$30.00

250 2-Sided-$50.00

500 1-Sided-$45.00
500 2-Sided-$75.00

1000 1-Sided-$80.00
1000 2-Sided-$130.00

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Contact information 
You would be surprised at how many people do not include enough contact information on their business card. You want to give a client as many opportunities to get a hold of you as possible. Along with a cell phone number, office number, website, and e-mail address, you may also need a fax number and mailing address. Avoid sending the message that you are not business minded by using a free e-mail account. Spend the money to purchase an e-mail account through your website. 

When choosing the layout, colors, and other design decisions, always keep your brand in mind. Your logo sets the stage for developing a brand, so be sure to include this all on all marketing correspondence. If you add any photographs on your business card, make sure they are professional. Having high quality pictures are definitely worth the cost. Also, establishing your own brand requires creativity. So be different in your design. Do something no one else has done before. This is a key to making sure your business card stands out from the rest. 

Many people erroneously think that they can save money by using their office printer for business card printing. The reality is that home printing can actually cost just as much if not more than commercial printing. Find an online wholesale printer that offers full-color business cards at discount prices. Using a printing company will produce cards that appear just as professional as your company. 


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